Experience – a brief introduction

Since the late 1990s, I have been working off ropes. Starting in the UK with arboriculture, my work has expanded internationally.

Projects include building Via Ferrata’s and ziplines in the mountains of Oman, running rescue teams and safety for international events and rigging ropes and safety for film productions in remote locations all over the world.

I have worked on many film projects for companies such as the BBC, True to Nature, Ginger Productions, National Geographic and Discovery Channel, amongst others. Some of the most rewarding film projects include:

EXPEDITION with Steve Backshall
It is always a pleasure working with Steve and safety man, Aldo Kane. Projects have involved rigging ropes into lava caves and to access tombs in Saudi Arabia; epic crossings of lava fields in convoys of 4x4s; descents into sink holes in Northern Oman and Dhofar; new and Remote crossings of Oman’s canyons in 40-plus degrees heat; sleeping on exposed rock ledges in Dhofar where only leopards and ibex have been; and hauling water and supplies for the film crew and climbers up multi-pitch rock faces.

DOWN THE MIGHTY RIVER with Steve Backshall
This was another project with Steve Backshall and Aldo Kane and involved cave/sink hole descents in the jungles of West Papua/ Irian Jaya – a country which, to this day, really is wild. West Papua is a true cultural experience; the people are traditional and fascinating. Locations were mostly accessed by 4x4s, but some were so remote they could only be accessed by helicopter.

ADRENALINE JUNKY 4 with Jack Osbourne
Mexico – Cave of Swallows, working with safety man, Brian Hall, involved SRT training off trees in camp for all the team; a 400m descent and ascent of the sink hole with Jack Osbourne, Craig David and Emma Griffith.

Safety and rigging for base jumpers, Leo Holding and Tim Emmet
Another exhilarating project for me was being involved in the safety and rigging for base jumps into Majalis Al Jinn Cave in Oman. This film and rigging project had me working alongside Brian Hall and the two fearless base jumpers, Leo Holding and Tim Emmet.